Guide to Surviving the Annual Hangout Festival

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Guide to Surviving the Annual Hangout Festival

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Hangout Festival is a music festival sponsored by the Hangout Restaurant and Company. 

Here is our guide to surviving your first Hangout Fest:


  • You need to stay hydrated. May is one of our hottest months on the Gulf Coast, with a UV Index above 8, Heat Index of 90 to 100 degrees, and 75-90% humidity. You're going to sweat, and you need to replace that sweat with more water. You can bring empty, clear water bottles and water bladders (camel bags) inside the gate. 
  • Plan your meals, just like any festival, Hangout Fest will have food vendors inside. Please plan and eat your meals. Hangout Fest website will provide a line-up for each day, so if there's a band you're not interested in seeing, eat during their set. 

Be prepared for the weather-

  • Bring sun protection, Hangout Fest is primarily outside, in the sun. There are some shows inside tents, but the main shows will be on the main stages outside. Bring SPF 30 or higher depending on how fair your skin is. Buy the sport kind that is water and sweat proof. Wear sunglasses for eye protection. 
  • If rain is in the forecast, pack a poncho. You're allowed to bring a fanny pack or other bags the size of an adult's hand, clear backpacks, and gallon size freezer bags. With rain comes bugs. You can bring bug spray in a 3oz spray bottle. 

Use Public Transportation-

  • There are various pick up and drop off points for Hangout Fest transportation. School buses and Public transport vans have designated stops that Hangout will announce closer to the dates of the festival. Most resorts and Condo Complexes will have their own transportation. 

What to wear-

  • Wear shoes that are sturdy but also ones you don't mind ruining. Most fellow festival goers will be in bathing suits, tank tops, shorts, and tennis shoes. We know, tennis shoes on the beach? Trust us when we say you're going to want tennis shoes on the beach. 

If you're going with a group, have a designated meeting spot and time if you get separated. Make sure everyone has an alarm set for that time labeled "meet at (designated spot)." Check the Hangout Fest Website each day for cancellations or line-up adjustments so you can see your favorite bands play. Please check the rules and regulations on their website as well, its a total bummer getting to the festival and finding out something as simple as your camera or water bottle isn't allowed. Your only options are toss it, leave it with a stranger, or leave. Hangout Fest doesn't have designated camping on site. You'll need to book a room or camp at the State Park. Book ASAP because rooms, condos, and campsites go fast. 

We hope you enjoy your first Hangout Fest experience!