The Perfect Romantic Beach Getaway: 12 Hours with Your Significant Other

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The Perfect Romantic Beach Getaway

Finally, you and your significant other can take that much needed vacation. Maybe its to reignite the spark, a celebration, or anniversary? Whatever the reason, we've got your full itenerary for 12 hours of reconnecting and fun.

Picture this: You arrived last night at the perfect, cozy, beachfront condo with you partner. You've just had the best sleep, a full 8 hours, and both of you are ready to take on the day. Maybe you want adventure and to explore, to disconnect from the real world. Maybe you want to relive the good ole days, when you were both young, wild, and free of responsibilities. However, you have nothing planned. Don't panic. We, at Beach Life Vacation Rentals, have got you covered. Whether you booked with us or not, we want everyone to have a memorable vacation. We set out to find the best way to spend a full 12 hours with your significant other. 

Good Morning, Honey!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Maybe you and your "Honey" used to wake up and drink coffee together, have a bagel, and go about your days. Now, its coffee to-go, a kiss on the cheek, and a closed door. We understand, sometimes life gets in the way, that's why you're on vacation, remember! We recommend starting the morning off at 9am. The weather is perfect, not too hot, yet. There are plenty of breakfast places in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, but our favorites are Another Broken Egg and Brick & Spoon. Both have dietary restiction menus for those of us that are gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, etc. Both have sweet and savory menu items, spiked and regular coffee, mimosas, and bloody mary's. For example: 

Another Broken Egg:

  • Something Sweet: Bourbon Street Pancakes
  • Something Savory: Mardi Gras Omlette
  • Spiked Coffee: Vanilla Spiked Cold Brew
  • Mimosas: (pitcher or glass) Apple Pie Mimosa
  • Bloody Mary: Abe Famous Infused Bloody Mary

Brick & Spoon:

  • Something Sweet: Bananas In Pajamas (Crispy banana eggrolls and foster sauce)
  • Something Savory: Crab Cake Benny
  • Spiked Coffee: Snow Cap ( made with Absolute Vanilla Vodka)
  • Mimosas: Mango Mimosa
  • Bloody Mary: A Complete Build Your Own Bloody Mary with a list of ingredients

Both of these famous breakfast spots are on the same road in Orange Beach, a few miles apart. Start your breakfast off at 9 AM at one of these locations, then head back to the room to change and get ready for the next part of your day. Don't worry, you're not a time constraint. You're on vacation! Now, let's talk about the mid-day activities...

Mid-Day Downtime...OR Adventure!

Planning something for mid-day can sometimes be the easiest thing to do, but for some people it can be the hardest. Maybe your partner wants to take it easy and relax, or maybe they want to explore the town. We have a solution where you can do both! You can either go back to the room and change, or dress ready for the day before breakfast. You're at the beach for a reason, so let's hit the beach! Remember, you're not on a time constraint! However, the summer heat can be brutual. From 11am to 1 or 2 in the early afternoon, hit the beach to explore or get your tan on! 

What to pack in the cooler:

  • A small bag of ice for drinks you may bring.
  • A drink or cocktail of your choice in a plastic container, and water! Don't forget the water.
  • Chapstick-yes, put your chapstick in your cooler to keep it from melting.
  • Small snacks, like fruit and cheese.

The perfect beach set up:

  • Your beach bag should contain sunscreen and, if you want, tanning lotion.
  • Beach towels to lay on AND small towels to dry and wipe sand off (We recommend microfiber hand towels)
  • Bring sunglasses or a hat to protect your eyes. 
  • Beach chairs and coolers are the perfect stands for setting up your phone to take pictures!

When you're ready, pack up your things and throw them in the car. Then, head on down to High Tide Daquiris and Mimosas! You dont have to drink, if you don't want to, but the coolest thing about this place is that they have PEDAL BOATS!! Whether you are a duck, swan, or flamingo kind of person, they have the pedal boat for you! Pedal Boat Rentals are Monday through Thursday from 8am to 6 pm, Friday through Saturday from 8am to 7 pm, and Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm. *Weather Permitting* Just call 251.820.5987 for time availability and prices! 

Shopping and Retail Therapy:

The amount of retail therapy you can get in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is unbeatable. We recommend the local boutiques at The Wharf or outlet shopping at Tanger Outlets! Those aren't the only two places for shopping in the area, but you will pass everything else on your drive going from one to the other. Feel free to stop in and look around any of the local shops and department stores from Orange Beach to Foley! After you've reach maximum relaxation, explored on the pedal boats, and shopped 'til you dropped, its time to head back to the condo to shower and get ready for the night. 

It's a good night to have a Good Night!

You may have realized in your vacation research that many places in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach close around 9pm. However, we've got the perfect dinner and drink combinations to keep the night going for optimal reconnection with your partner! Start the night off with dinner at 7pm, and finish the night drinks at 9pm. We have our recommendations below:

Dinner and Drinks Combo:

Want to sub out drinks for dessert? No problem! Here are our favorite dessert restaurants for a post dinner delectables:


The day is over, you officially spent 12 hours with your significant other. Now, you go back to your room for the last time, discuss your favorite parts of the day, talk about what you want to dotomorrow that you didn't get to do today, watch a movie, and hit the hay to prepare for tomorrows activities! Take the time to reconnect to your favorite person. Times are tough, maybe work has got in the way, maybe you fell into a routine; take a vacation or even at home, spend 12 hours together. Make it memorable. Talk about the important things in life with the most important thing in your life. We, at Beach Life Vacation Rentals, wish you a loving, happy and healthy 2023.